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Prizes awarded at the "Glasovo"
Book Fair: "Moštanica" for the selected
works of Ranko Pavlović

This is how, among other things, "Voice of Srpska" reported on
the International Book Fair "Banja Luka 2022."
BANJALUKA - The Jury of the 27th International Book Fair organized by "Glas Srpska",
awarded the traditional prizes of this competition for written
words - "Moštanica", "Liplje", "Gomionica" today at the "Borik" Sports Center ” and “Stuplje”.
According to the decision of the jury, whose president was Miladin Berić, and whose members were Danijel
Dojčinović, MA and Danijela Jelić, MA, the “Moštanica” award for publishing venture was awarded to the publishing house “Besjeda” from Banjaluka and "Prometheus" from Novi Sad for the publication
of selected works by Ranko Pavlović, and the award was presented by the president of the jury, Miladin
This set of works is divided into books for children and books for adults. The set of works for adults is made up of eight volumes and includes the books "Absolutna tišina" (poems in free verse), "Kamen kraj puta" (sonnets), "Uncle and Isidora" (short stories), " The Book
of the Key" (stories 1), "Cognition without an Address" (stories 2), the novels "The Boulder" and
"The Sky Ossuary", the novels "Riders and Others" and "How to Catch a Butterfly" and "Stories which
will preserve the book" (essays).
The set of children's books is made up of six volumes and includes the books "When the Ducks Quack" (poems), "Moonlight Flute" (stories 1, for younger ages), "Bonfire for Witches"
(2 stories, for older ages), "Fairy Tales", "Secrets of the King's Town" (novel) and "How the Untold Fairy Tale Was Told" (novel).

  • It is a complex, extensive and recently rare publishing venture
    published on the occasion of Ranko Pavlović's sixty years of literary work. In a time when a good book, and a book in general, remains the delight of a distinct minority, publishing the collected
    works of any contemporary author in fourteen books can only cause admiration. Guided
    by such impressions, the jury made a unanimous decision - it is stated in the explanation of the jury.
    The "Liplje" award for contemporary literature went to the Institute for Textbooks in Istočno
    Sarajevo for the book "Slike od stakla" by Dragana Knežević, and the award was awarded to the winner by
    general director of "Glasa Srpska" Boris Dmitrašinović.